Young Swiss Society for Neuroscience

Swiss neuroscience network for PhDs and postdocs

About ySSN: The Young Swiss Society for Neuroscience ( is an organization funded by the Swiss Society for Neuroscience focused on the promotion of early-career neuroscientists in Switzerland. The primary mission of the ySSN is to create a dynamic scientific network for the young neuroscience community in Switzerland. To attain this goal, the ySSN organizes events throughout the year which serve as a platform for young neuroscientists to increase their visibility and audience, thereby promoting the development of early-career researchers and aiding their success in research. Specifically, the ySSN aims to:

  • Increase knowledge transfer between trainees, laboratories, and institutions.
  • Build effective communication skills to engage the audience in thinking and discussing the research of early-career neuroscientists.
  • Create a diverse network that works together to train and promote outstanding future neuroscientists.


Members: Adrian Roggenbach (President), Johanna Furrer (Vice-President), Junchao Hu (Secretary), Alberto Averna (Treasurer), Marilia Sousa (Public Relations), Gregory Lepeu, Maximilian Lössel, Enrique Martinez, Maria Reva, Kristina Slabeva, Yudong Yan