This year's awardees are a set of three outstanding young scientists who attracted our attention by the quality and originality of their publications.

The three of them came up with to-the-point presentations of their work in our Award Ceremony.

Congratulations to


Katarzyna Kita, MSc, for her paper published in Elife 2021;10:e65152,

«.. for an original and quantitative combination of cellular, computational

and behavioral techniques to understand how the cerebellum

enables motor learning»


Masaya Harada, PhD, for his paper published in Biological Psychiatry 2021;90:808–818

«.. for dissecting and curbing aberrant circuit mechanisms underlying

compulsive reward seeking»


Jonas Beck, PhD, for his paper published in Sleep 2021; 44(11):zsab148

«.. for leveraging human speech, and thus a non-pharmacological intervention,

 to improve sleep in humans»