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As SSN member, you are also a member of IBRO

As IBRO member you benefit from IBRO services and activities which are

See here for IBRO news including the ones from the SSN

Global outreach for SSN through IBRO’s many programmes focusing on collaborative research and international cooperation.

IBRO’s unique expertise and experience in training programmes that foster international contacts and future alliances.

Numerous networking, academic exchange and other career-enhancing opportunities for your members through our regional and international meetings, trainings, laboratory short-stays, volunteer opportunities and committee positions.

Representation on the IBRO Governing Council, where you will help shape the direction of IBRO’s future programmes, World Congresses, and other far-reaching initiatives.

Opportunities for representation through your associated IBRO Regional Committee, which sets priorities and organizes activities to promote neuroscience training and support locally, while maximizing the use of regional talent and preventing brain drain toward countries with greater resources or more established infrastructures.