The SSN best publication award 2021 goes to:
- in the area of Systems Neuroscience:
Gregor Schuknecht (Kevan Martin lab, Zurich University) for his paper entitled
Structure and function of a neocortical synapse. Simone Holler, German Köstinger, Kevan A.C. Martin, Gregor F.P. Schuhknecht*, Ken J. Stratford (2020). Nature (in press)

- in the area of Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience:
Dasha Nelidova (Botond Roska lab, FMI Basel) for her paper entitled
Restoring light sensitivity using tunable near-infrared sensors. Nelidova D, Morikawa RK, Cowan CS, Raics Z, Goldblum D, Scholl HPN, Szikra T, Szabo A, Hillier D,Roska B (2020). Science 368:1108-1113