2023 Annual Meeting of the SSN

The 2023 Annual Meeting of the SSN is organized by the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI) and by the Neurocenter of Southern Switzerland (EOC) and is scheduled to take place over two days: on Friday June 9th and Saturday June 10th 2023 in Lugano. More than 300 researchers and clinicians from Switzerland are expected to attend the meeting, which is the major Swiss venue for exchange of current scientific information in the area of brain research.

The program of the event will feature two keynote speakers. Maiken Nedergaard a neuroscientist recognized mainly for discovering the glymphatic system, which will be the subject of her keynote speech. Gilles Laurent Director of the Department of Neural Systems and Coding at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), who will talk to us about “Sleep and camouflage: exploration in neural dynamics”.

Moreover there will be five symposia focused on brain clearance during sleep, molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration, behavioral and system neuroscience and mirror mechanisms and there will also be a large poster session in person, fostering interaction and exchange of scientific ideas among the participants.

Thursday afternoon, June 8th 2023 and the Friday morning June 9th 2023 will see a day of presentations on career development and scientific exchange organized by ySSN. The event will include the ALBA Network event regarding sex and gender aspects of neuropsychiatric research: first a talk followed by tha panel discussion.


The Swiss Association of Cantonal Veterinaries accredits 1/2 day of continuing education.

The SNS grants 8 credits for the programm on June 9th and 4 credits for the programme on June 10th 2023.

The SSNC grants 3 credits for the programm on June 9th and 2 credits for the programme on June 10th 2023.


Meeting Program



Social Program


You must register to obtain entrance to the Congress.

Registration for the meeting will open on 13 march 2023, and will remain open until the close of the Meeting, at 1800 on 10 June 2023). However, free registration for Members ends on 26 May 2023 at 23:59:00. 

Print your personalized registration confirmation email, and bring this with you to the Meeting. 

To obtain entry to the Meeting you must present your confirmation email at the conference admission desk. 

Please note that by choosing to attend this Meeting, you accept the possibility that you might appear in photographs, videos, security recordings, etc. ; and also that these media might be used for publications. You agree that by attending the meeting you implicity give your permission for such publications.

Registration fees


There is no registration fee for paid up members of the SSN who register before the deadline. To obtain this free registration, you must logged in as a Member

Late registration by members is possible at a cost of CHF50. 

Please do NOT register at this PUBLIC page if you are a member of  SSN. You should instead login as a member, and then register for SSN2023, so that you will not be charged for this SSN event.


A registration fee applies (see the registration page for details). You will be required to pay on registration. Payment is by on-line credit card only.

Payment here as a Public registrant for SSN2023 (CHF150) will not be considered retrospectively as payment for SSN Membership! 

If you are not yet a Member of SSN, you may first apply and pay (CHF 100 regular members, CHF 40 students) for Membership, and thereafter register at no charge for SSN2023.

The meeting is accredited by The Swiss Association of Cantonal Veterinaries for 1/2 day of continuing education.

The Swiss Neurological Society (Schweirerische Neurologische Gesellshaft SNG) will grant 8 credits for the attending the program of 9th June, and 4 credits for the program of 10th June.  

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission for SSN2023 will open at 00:01 on Monday 13 March 2023,

and closes on Friday 26 May 23:59.

Information on abstract submission can be found here.

Information on poster preparation (A0 portrait) and presentation can be found here.

You must be logged-in as an SSN member in order to submit an abstract, as well as to see the poster format instructions. 

The Abstract Booklet for SSN2023 can now be be downloaded by logged in members of the SSN. Login and go to the Abstract Preparation menu.  The SSN2023 abstract download is one of the options 


In case you decide to withdraw abstract/registration you submitted for the January deadline, please write a mail to secretary@swissneuroscience.ch






Location: Università della Svizzera italiana Campus Est
Via La Santa 1
Lugano 6962

Date: June 9, 2023, 1 p.m. - June 10, 2023, 1 p.m.